I know, there are a lot of bloggers out there who do a “Wordless Wednesday” post. Call me a rebel. I’m reversing the trend and going with “Wednesday’s Words.” 😛

Today’s words were penned by none other than The Goose (aka, Zachary). We were all sitting at dinner some time back, talking about stories and the writing he was doing in school when out of the blue, he makes up this poem, The Moon is a Cookie.


The Moon is a Cookie

The moon is a cookie;
The moon is a flower;
The moon is a rose, that blossoms at night.
The moon is a sliver that slips through the treetops,
and crosses the ribbons of slivers of light.

Poem by Zachary. Punctuation by me. 😉

This post was generously brought to you by some jewelry. Remember what Madonna Marilyn Monroe taught us, “…diamonds are a girl’s best friend…”


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