I’m writing this post after just getting back from West Palm Beach, and our nice little mini-vacation. It’s always so nice to get away from central Florida and go more coastal (not postal 😉 ). We love the beach but just don’t manage to get there as often as I would like. It can be tedious lugging 2 kids, 4 beach chairs, a treasure chest of beach toys, towels, sunscreen, a cooler, (etc., etc., etc.) 45 minutes to Daytona. What makes our trips to West Palm Beach so great is that 1) we stay for the weekend so the “lugging” doesn’t seem that bad, and 2) we’re staying literally right on the beach. What’s not awesome about that?

Unfortunately, we didn’t actually make it to the beach as often as we wanted–it was SO windy. We did go to the mall on Saturday for tea with the Easter Bunny and some underwear shopping for daddy. 🙂 Then we relaxed in the penthouse the rest of the afternoon. I was afforded the luxury of an afternoon nap while the boys and Nana made their first beach attempt. We hung around for awhile, then Chris and I went for an early dinner at this wonderful restaurant next to the water called Tiki on the Water. Open air with a palapa-thatched roof, and FRESH seafood. And no kids. It was divine!

Sunday morning, and the beach Gods were with us. No wind, not too hot, just right. We spent a great morning building sandcastles, running after, and away from, the waves, and in general just loving the ocean. It was a nice trip–too bad it was so short.

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This post was generously brought to you by historic hotels. We didn’t need one this weekend. 🙂


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