I know this post is better suited for the blog-that-shall-remain-nameless, however, for various reasons I am posting my review of Saint Joseph’s University PMP exam preparation site here at the Web-Betty Blog. If you’re interested in a Project Management Curriculum, check them out! If you’re interested in my review of their site, not 10 things style, read on:

This review will not be quite different from those prepared for 10 things I hate about your site the blog-that-shall-remain-nameless, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give some definite feedback. 🙂 So here goes.

My very first impression of this site is not favorable. It’s a very dull page and while there is nothing overtly wrong with it, I just don’t find it very inspiring. The color scheme is lacking–the red/rusty logo and header colors clash with the turquiose-y background color in the banner image. In fact, the banner overall is missing a very professional feel. It looks like it was put together by a Photoshop beginner and is not of the professional caliber I would expect from a site for a project management curriculum. Also, the banner is not scalable. Anyone viewing this site on a smaller monitor or with a lower screen resolution is going to experience horizontal scrolling. ((Horizontal scrolling is always a no-no, unless intentional!))

I also don’t like that the second column starts at the top of the first column’s paragraph. It should start at the top of the page, in line with the “Online Project Management Certificate Program” subheader.

The Good

Yes, there are some good things about this site. 🙂 First, it’s nice and crisp–always a good business choice. I also like that the navigation clearly shows where there is a dropdown, and on these the top-level is not a link. ((It’s very irritating with drop-down navigation when the top “links” acts like links but are really just “headers”.))

The line-length is excellent. Breaking the page into columns gives the site more visual interest, and helps readability. And finally, I really like the pages for the certificates. The Flash banner is appealing and the pages are more visually interesting than the others.

Overall, these pages do get the job done. With a few minor edits however, these pages would definitely stand out.



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