Remember when you were a kid? What did you love to do? I remember I loved singing, coloring, and playing outside. I bet these were things you enjoyed also.

As we get older, life gets messier, and we don’t have time for all of the things we loved. Having kids makes up for that sometimes. I now have the opportunity to live vicariously through two fabulous boys—I just need to slow down and remember that. Especially when there is no yelling, crying, fighting, or throwing of non-throwable ((is that a word?)) objects. In an extremely rare moment, I actually had both boys sitting at their table painting together. It truly was a thing of beauty.

Want to see what that actually looks like?


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6 Comments on “The simple things in life”

  1. This is cute. Great photos. I also like the thingy you use to display the slide show.

    In my home, moments of peace and serenity (like these) are extremely rare, and I only have one toddler running around. I can just imagine what two children can get up to.

    • This is the first I’ve heard of you with a toddler! They’re so great.

      I’m trying out Smugmug for my photos and came across this Flash player on one of their forums. So far I like them alot, but they are a little expensive.

  2. My boys!!! Jonah is SO big! And Zach is in one on his “look like Mom” phases!

    Hope I get the job. Hope I don’t so I can come see ya’ll! Well, ask your buddies if one of them has a goat! LOL


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