Okay, I’m totally opening myself up for ridicule and scorn here, but I was cleaning out my email and found a poem that I wrote a while back. For some reason, posting it sounded like a good idea.

To give a little background, some time ago a few coworkers and I had a little group called “The Word of the Day” where we would have to take the word provided daily by dictionary.com and use it in a sentence. You can only imagine the sentences and diatribes a bunch of caffeine-soaked, sleep-deprived, über-geeks can come up with! Being a romantic and literary über-geek, I crafted a poem using not one, but two words of the day. So, without further ado, I give you…

Diffident is spring

The sun shines o’er the hues of spring
the colors swell and grow.
The bumblebee, he takes his flight
through the early morning glow.

How diffident the daffodil
how arrogant the rose.
The bumblebee, he cares not which
to either one he goes.

The meadow fills with hums and sways
the blooms, they lay in wait.
The bumblebee will come and take
their treasur’d opiate.

So shy is spring, she’s like a child
who wants to romp and play.
She’s wondering about the world
in which she makes her way.

The day begins to coruscate
the morning turns to noon.
Spring’s coaxed out, the blooms will revel
summer’ll be here soon.

Let the evisceration begin. 😛

Can you pick the two words of the day?

This post was generously brought to you by weight loss products. I’m determined to lose 35 more pounds before my 10th wedding anniversary in June. Viva Las Vegas!


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6 Comments on “Diffident is spring”

  1. Two words: Diffident & coruscate.

    Its a great poem, I don’t know why anyone would want to ridicule you. Also, did you change layouts since I last visited in December? I love this layout… I may have to steal it (and customise it of course).

    • Those were the 2 words! I knew my friends were smart! 😛

      I’m pretty sure my friends won’t ridicule, however, you never know. If you read my YouTube post a few weeks ago, someone made rude comments on a video of two little boys dancing around and being silly, so nothing surprises me.

      This is a new layout. 🙂 I liked the other magazine-y one, but it was too “formal” for this personal blog. There are some changes I’m going to make to it (when I have the time), but overall I love it. Steal and customize all you want!

  2. Hehe I’m a retired amateur poet, and I’ve a knack for recognising words that aren’t in someone’s daily vocab (or anyone’s in the case of these two words lol).

    Thanks for the layout, not sure when I’ll get around to it but hopefully… sooner rather than later!

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  4. Love both the poem and the new layout!

    I once wrote a poem using a whole raft of those little used outside of literature words 😛 It was fun thinking up the rhyme and of course, I can’t find it now….story of my life.

    Congratulations on winning the WOOF Dog contest!


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