‘Tis the season for shopping, baking, decorating, and Christmas programs. Of course, two boys = two programs. This year we were lucky and both programs were in the same week. Zachary’s program was nice, except he didn’t really participate too much—he just can’t stand still! He did do some mean air trombone though.

I will apologize in advance for the “Blair Witch Project” filming of Zachary’s program. I was wearing heels and standing in the back. The result is not as smooth as I would like. 😉 Click on the play button to start (if you dare).

Jonah’s program was great for several reasons. First, I brought my tripod. Second, it was nice and short. His is the youngest class so they went first, meaning the boys were in bed on time. Of course, the entertainment value of Jonah’s program lies in the fact that there’s really not much too it except a bunch of 2-year olds crying and looking cute. Jonah was pretty funny. He was okay until he saw us. Then he would point to us and start to cry. Then he’d try and shake is shaker. Then he’d point and cry. Vicious circle. 🙂


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