We’re going to bake this year. Of course, I say that every year, and every year Christmas comes and goes and I have yet to bake a single cookie. Okay, that’s not completely true. I have baked for the annual Johnson cookie trade, but that’s not the kind of baking I’m talking about. I want to make different kinds of cookies. I want to make treat baskets for my neighbors. And I’m going to do it this year, dammit!

This is a good year to start a cookie-basket tradition because I think Zachary’s at the perfect age to be my little helper. I have grand visions of us working together in harmony, wearing our little aprons, with Christmas music playing as the baker’s soundtrack in the background. Yeah, I’m coming out of my daydream now.

But I’m still going to make cookies. Here’s what is on the list:

  • Nestle chocolate chip cookies
  • Scotcharoos
  • Tom-and-Jerry brownies
  • sugar cookies
  • fudge
  • coconut candy bars
  • chocolate pillows

This list may be modified, so don’t hold me to it! 🙂

I wonder if Mr. Claus has any sports gifts he’s squeezing down the chimney. I may need them after the eating baking.

Are you baking this year? Tell me what’s in your cookie basket.


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4 Comments on “C is for cookie”

  1. My Mom has a wicked chocolate chip cookie recipe, it’s my favorite. I may try it this year. If I make just a couple dozen for the fam, it will keep Mom from going overboard and making nine dozen. 🙂

  2. I make snickerdoodles, big soft ginger cookies, and shortbread every year. This year I’ll probably be adding some pumpkin sandwich cookies that I made last year to rave reviews.

    And I wonder why the last 10 lbs are sticking around, and inviting friends.

  3. 10 lbs? How in the hell did you keep it to 10 lbs?? Oh, BTW, I’ll be sending you my address too. Pumpkin sandwich cookies sound too good to be true!

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