I had a friend the other day lamenting over the fact that she had a lovely holiday dress but no holiday party to show it off. That got me thinking about holiday parties and dressing up. And I realized that in all of the time Chris and I have been together I have only seen him in a tuxedo once. This is actually a tragedy, since he looked so damn good at our wedding. I guess we’re not highbrow enough to attend functions where a tuxedo is actually required. I think I need to throw my own black tie party. This would give my friend an excuse to wear her lovely dress, and I could get Chris into a tuxedo.

While we’re on the subject of men in tuxedos, let’s look at a few tasty morsels.

Apologies to my guy readers. 😛 I’ll post a follow-up featuring hot chicks in party dresses soon!


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5 Comments on “Ode to the tuxedo”

  1. Hahaha to “tuxedos” huh? Only two out of five photos show more than the chest up of the tuxedo. Kudos to Pitt and Beckham for adding some detail to the otherwise *uniform* tuxedo.

  2. I’ve never worn a Tux but would like to, especially being a Brit I could then drink a Vodka Martini and look all windswept and interesting!

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