I’m happy to say that I have completed about 75% of my Christmas shopping. I’m sure there are those of you out there who are totally done: everything is wrapped and ready and all your Christmas cards are mailed. You are my readers who don’t have kids! 😛

So far I’m really pleased with the items Santa will be bringing everyone, and even more pleased with the fact that due to being so frugal this year I’ve managed to save over $550! What’s my secret, you ask? Coke Rewards (thanks Mary, for so diligently entering the codes and for keeping your eyes peeled for good deals!) and eBay! Seriously, it’s not too late to find great deals on eBay—especially on good, used electronics. (Two other good options for used electronics are pawn shops and Craig’s List.)

I also had a coupon for a free item at Bath & Body Works, and I’ve yet to buy one retail item at full price. Santa just has a few more items on her list, and I’ll be done. (I’ve also started my Christmas cards, woo hoo!)

If anyone out there is looking to buy Santa a gift, She’s trying to update the house, one item at a time. She’d love something from here: Grohe faucets. Of course, then Mr. Claus would have to fit a new sink down my chimney!


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