Kingston loves his carrier
Kingston loves his carrier
There is a new member of our family. Welcome Kingston!


Kingston comes to us from Uncle Cory, who is moving to New York to work on the Broadway play “Billy Elliott.” Unfortunately, his beloved Kingston is unable to go with him. We told Uncle Cory we would love to give Kingston a happy home, especially after losing Kevin several months ago.

Kingston has already made himself at home, trying to blog his way to freedom:

Kingston makes himself at home

Oh, wait…mommy’s trying to blog, Kingston’s trying to play.

He’s still a cutie, though:


The boys love him. Zachary has picked up his first dog poop, K & J enjoy chasing each other around the table, and I can’t keep him off my lap at the end of the day while I’m trying to relax (aka blog).

I guess we’ll keep him…


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