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I have started a new undertaking, and I’m using this, my most read blog (which is in and of itself, laughable), to promote it. I was inspired one day while going though some blog directories, to which I’ve become addicted (much like my husband with his online poker). I discovered that there really are people out there who want actual feedback on their site/blog. Not just the obligatory my-mom-and-grandma-and-dog-think-my-site/blog-is-cool kind of feedback, but feedback that will actually be helpful. Feedback that can be used to make sites/blogs better, and let’s face it–there’s a lot of C-R-A-P out there.

So, “10 things I hate about your site” was born. With this blog I’m trying to reach out and make the internet a prettier place, one site at a time. 🙂

Aw, ain\'t he cute?
Aw, ain't he cute?

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4 Comments on “Shameless plug”

  1. I didn’t know that was your blog too!

    When you commented on my blog, you left the link to your website design business.

    Were you trying to give me a hint? 😉

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