So far it’s been a very nice holiday season for the Johnsons. The season started the day after Christmas when we decorated the house. The twinkle of the Christmas lights is something I wish I could enjoy all year 🙂

The next few weeks went by in a Flurry. First we all enjoyed a nice weekend with Nana for her birthday (I’m not at liberty to say which one). We had dinner at Kobe, of course! Cory came down from Miami and we had a great time.

santa 2007

Next we had to start gearing up for Santa, and some time off. Work kept me on my toes, right up until my vacation. Nothing like working against a few deadlines while trying to play Santa at the same time. We got it done though. There was the visit to the mall for some shopping and to see Santa, which actually went pretty well. Jonah wasn’t too fussy and Zachary always has a smile ready for the camera! Nicole, Rick and the girls met us at the mall and we had a nice dinner at the Orlando Ale House. What made it even nicer is that it was paid for with the garage sale money we made earlier in the day!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer The week before Christmas we went to Zachary’s school for the Christmas program. It was a great night–not too cool and everyone was in the holiday spirit. Zach’s class sang the Dreidel song, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Of course Zachary was the cutest, loudest performer 🙂 The next night it was the cookie exchange at Uncle Dave and Aunt Ivonne’s. Christmas eve was spent wrapping…wrapping up last minute shopping as well as wrapping up gifts! Everything was done on time, and Santa was ready to stuff the stockings.

Zach gets what he asked Santa for...

Christmas day started early (of course) with a sick baby and an excited pre-schooler. Jonah was cranky and stuffy all morning and spent his time sitting in Daddy’s lap. Zachary patiently handed out presents to everyone and even took turns opening. Of course, we all opened one gift to his three, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be. 2 1/2 hours later, we were ready to head over to Nana’s house to have breakfast and open more gifts. Unfortunately, Chris started feeling sick so after breakfast we went home and Chris and Jonah went down for naps. When everyone was awake, it was back to Uncle Dave’s for dinner where there were 35+ people assembled for the feast. The food was awesome and it was great to be surrounded by so much family. My one regret was that my brother couldn’t be there with us. 🙁

Now we’re on the verge of a new year. We’re working on resolutions to be a stronger family and better people. We hope that 2008 will bring joy and prosperity to everyone we hold dear and that the new year will be even better than the year that is passing.

Happy New Year to you all!!!


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