Our tree 2007 …and we are certainly not ready for him! Of course, I’m sure we will be by the time Christmas eve rolls around. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is December first! We actually got our tree up the day after Thanksgiving…no rushing around this year. 🙂

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we had a nice holiday with the family. Cory came down from Miami, Tricia, the girls and their boyfriends were there, and of course Dave, Ivonne and the girls. Gigi and Nana were great hosts and my mom was here this year too. She’s having trouble adjusting to the holidays with no snow, no cold, and no leaf change. It was hard for me my first year too.

To see the fam damily, check out Eye Candy for the Thanksgiving pics. I’ve also added a new feature: video! No more time-consuming, problem-addled videos. We’ve joined the ranks of the YouTube generation! Check out the Life in Motion page. I guarantee you’ll love our first uploaded video!

Let’s get this holiday season underway. Happy December!



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