I just read an interesting article on print textbooks. I know that, while I embrace digital technology, I still prefer books in print. These days, however, the cost of a book often dictates which version I purchase. Just yesterday I purchased 3 books–two online using my Pearson discount (thank you!) and the third via Kindle as it was the least expensive option.

Print textbooks still king?

I think another important question to ponder is “Which version is read in its entirety?” Are print books read from beginning to end while digital version are started, then left to languish in the digital netherworld? Or is it vice versa? I, personally, don’t discriminate. I will finish a book, regardless of its format. The digital version will probably get finished first, as I always have it with me (what did we do before smart phones?) but I don’t neglect their paper cousins. When I’m home, curled up on the couch, I much prefer a book in my hand. A physical book seems to convey warmth and comfort, while my electronic device reminds me of all the other, more productive things I could be doing instead of sitting on the couch.

Right now we’re lucky to have the best of both worlds. But what happens when the balance shifts and digital starts taking over, as it inevitably will?


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