It’s been over a month since we visited Denver, and I’m just now weeding through the 300+ photos I took during our 6-day stay. And while I have some really fun pictures of Scott and Carrie’s wedding, I’m uploading my pics and creating things in order, which means Dinosaur Ridge comes first.

I lived the first 34 years of my life in Colorado (Lakewood, Wheatridge, and Denver, mostly), and had actually never been to Dinosaur Ridge. I don’t think I had ever even heard of it. So when Chris told me that’s where we were going on our first full day together in CO, I was pretty sure he was delusional. Lucky for me, I went along, and had a pretty damn good time. I learned all about the dinosaur bones in the mountain, compared my foot to a real dinosaur track, got to visit Red Rocks, had a kick-ass margarita at the Morrison Inn, and really had a great time in general.

The slide show below consists of pics from our first few days visiting Denver, including pics from Dinosaur Ridge. I had to get funky with filters on a few of them, but ended up pleased with the results. So check ’em out and enjoy. Wedding pics will be next!


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