Let’s see, where were we? Ah yes, a sunny lunch date back in Denver. If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to check out Reaching out, part 1, which ended like this:
[blockquote align=”right”]True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.[/blockquote] …one sunny September day I received a Facebook message from another old, dear friend that I thought I had lost long ago (we have reconnected via Facebook) asking if I wanted to get together when I was visiting Denver. I was thrilled, and we set a date for lunch. Little did I know how much that lunch would turn out to mean to me.

Coincidence? I think not.

So MM and I met for lunch. It was great seeing him and the hour flew by. During that time we did a lot of catching up, and our conversation inevitably led to ST. There were a few of us that had been trying to reconnect with her, but up to this time no one knew what had happened to her. At lunch he shocked me by telling me that only a few days earlier she walked into his best friend’s work (who also was a super-dear friend of mine), totally out of the blue. Not only that but ST got MM’s number and had called him, while he was driving to meet me for lunch! Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidence.

I didn’t want to put MM in an uncomfortable position by asking for ST’s number so I asked him if he would give her my number when they met next week. He said of course he would, and we had to wrap up lunch so I could go back to work. Of course the first few days I couldn’t check my phone fast enough when it rang to see who was calling, or to see if I hand any missed calls when I was away. After a few weeks, however, I stopped waiting for ST to call. While MM had given ST my number, she obviously didn’t want to use it. This made me sad, but I understood. Afterall, we’re talking over 10 years with not so much as a single word. And as I’ve mentioned. I wasn’t always the greatest friend.

Fast forward five months. I’m going about my everyday business when I get a text message from MM asking me for my email address. I quickly sent it to him, but didn’t dare hope he was asking on behalf of someone else. Why set myself up for that again? So it came as a complete shock when only a day or so later, I get an email from ST stating that she heard I wanted to get in touch with her, and asking me how I was doing. I guess patience really is a virtue!

Since then we’ve passed a few emails back and forth. They’re tentative and kind of awkward which is, of course, understandable. ST asked right away if I was trying to reconnect, or if I was just curious about what had happened to her. I felt it was a test question and I didn’t have the right answer. Which answer did she want? Did she want to reconnect? I know she was probably just reaching out to satisfy her curiosity–what happened to that selfish girl? Did she end up in prison? Divorced for a second time? A street walker? 😆 I’m pretty sure that’s all she wanted and then she’d be on her way again. I’m trying to make sure that doesn’t happen. I do want to reconnect. I know we’ll never be as close as we were all of those years ago, but ST was the most important person in my life for many years and I’m still selfish enough to want to hold on to that.

I’m hoping there will be a part 3 to this little story. There have been several more emails since I wrote this, and with each email we both seem to be loosening up a bit. Stay tuned.


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2 Comments on “Reaching out, part 2”

  1. I hope there is a part three too. It’s so wonderful that you’ve both been given this opportunity to get to know each other now, older and wiser.

    I’ve been trying to hunt down old primary school friends. We were a very close knit group back in the day but I was dragged away from them when my family moved the year I started high school and hadn’t seen any of them all the long years since. Facebook has been wonderful for tracking down those sorts of connections but not everyone is as eager as I am to dig into the past.

    I think it’s beautiful that you, and your old friend, are finding fresh ground on which to build a new relationship. Good luck!
    .-= Rebecca Laffar-Smith´s last blog ..Writing in Bed and Other Strange Habits of Freelancers =-.

    • Thanks Rebecca! I hope you are able to track down some of your old friends as well. Reconnecting with ST has made me start looking for other dear friends that I have lost along the way (thought not all as tragically, lol).

      I hope to read a story from you one day about your reaching out. 🙂

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