Well, it had to be done again. I didn’t have time to make the last blog theme my own by changing the layout. As a result I’ve seen many blogs in the past few weeks that look just like mine. I love this theme, but I’m not willing to “share” so to speak. Besides, as a designer, it’s embarrassing to have the same theme as another blogger. So, The Web-Betty Blog has another new look!

Family and friends are probably wondering why in the hell I have to change it. They’ll probably never come across one of the other blogs that looks like mine. That doesn’t matter to me, however. I’m not a Subway franchise and I don’t want my blog to look like anyone else’s. I haven’t come across another theme like this one, and hopefully I won’t—since I’m taking the time to “make it my own.” (Of course with it being the holidays and all, I had to give it some Christmas love!)

I’d love your comments telling me what you think about the new look. I always love to hear from friends, family, and random (or not-so-random) bloggers.


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