For the Johnsons, it just doesn’t get busier than the month of June. June 4th saw Zachary turning 4, June 17 had us celebrating Daddy’s fourth year as one, there was family to visit, tattoos to get, and a dance party to attend. Whew! I need the month of July to re-energize.

Zachary’s Fourth Birthday

Zachary’s birthday party was a definite success. We rounded up the usual suspects and bounced around IPEZ. Kids of all ages had a blast playing on the big bouncies and sliding down the huge slide. Of course the birthday meal consisted of pizza and birthday cake, and Zachary received so many great gifts. Thank you for all of the wonderful presents. I’m enjoying them more than Zachary–he actually stays busy now for more than 10 minutes at a time!

Father’s Day

We spent Father’s Day on Singer island with Nana where we relaxed and drove down to Miami to visit Uncle Cory, who was under the weather. (Zachary still wants to know why Uncle Core lives in “your ami.”) Daddy received the Special Edition U2 red and black iPod (a steal on eBay). He seems to be enjoying it quite well and is now often seen doing a mean air-drum solo while doing household chores.


Towards the end of June, I went and got my fourth tattoo–a sunflower on the top of my left foot. I’ve been wanting it for awhile, so when I came upon the perfect picture, decided finally where I wanted to put it, I decided it was time. The artist did an amazing job and I’m pretty thrilled with it. It looks pretty sweet with all of my Florida-y shoes!

Baby Loves Disco

Lastly, there was the dance party.

It’s pretty surreal to take your child dancing in a nightclub. There’s a group called “Baby Loves Disco” and they sponsor dance events at local nightclubs, where you bring your kids. Of course, since Zachary LOVES to dance I had to take him. We had a pretty darn good time, once he warmed up to the idea. He was all for going to the dance party until he got there and saw so many people. It took about 90 minutes, but he finally got his groove on. Be sure check out the video–it’s on the Eye Candy page.

As always, the slideshows are updated to include June activities. No, I haven’t forgotton Jonah. This month, however, we remembered that there were other people in our family 😉


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