Time certainly does fly. I can’t believe my last post was almost two months ago. Jonah and Zachary (and Chris and work and laundry, etc., etc., etc.) are keeping me very busy these days.

All that’s really happened in the last seven weeks is Jonah. He’s growing like a proverbial weed. At his 6-week checkup he is now 12.5 pounds. He’s gurgling, cooing and just being downright adorable, like it’s his job or something. Of course we can’t help comparing him to Zachary at his age. He’s as great of a baby as Zachary was, just a little more mellow. While the Z-man loved being in the carseat, Jonah hates it unless the car is actually moving. Even then he fusses a little for good measure. Zachary is a binky man–something we are going to be working on soon. Jonah’s not such a fan. He’ll take it when he’s too exhausted to put up a fight, but lately he seems to really prefer his hand. I caught him with his thumb today. NOT what I want to see!

Segue to the adults. Chris just celebrated his 37th birthday last month. Wow we’re getting old! We had a great dinner at Kobe. Mom was in town, so she joined us. So did Mary, Tricia, Ashley, Dave, Ivonne and the girls. Dinner was yummy and everyone had a great time.

Of course there are more pics of everyone. Check out the latest slideshow for Zachary’s green tongue (thank you Ms. Laurie!) and the charming Jonah-penguin (thank you KB!).

Hopefully someone will read this. Even if they don’t, Life is Good…


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