Sometimes, even when there is a lot going on, I don’t want to blog about it. Am I lazy? Probably. Have I spent enough time living my day-to-day life, that to relive it here is a nuisance? Yep. Do I still like to hear myself write? ((Figure that one out yourself.)) You know I do! So tonight I’m not going to bore you with how Jonah is mostly potty-trained, or how Zachary is reading at an almost 3rd grade level, ((He’s only in first grade, BTW.)) or how lives have adjusted since mom’s been back. Nope. Instead, it’s time for a meme! It’s the Who, What, Why, Where, When and Would meme.

Would I? Maybe. Who goes there? Who knows. What is that?! Read on, and maybe you’ll find out!


…is easy to love?

My boys, of course.

…do you just wanna smack?

My boys, of course.

…do you trust?

Chris. I’ve never met anyone more trustworthy in my life.

…do you talk to when you’re alone?

The voices in my head? My Rice Krispies? Hmm, since I’m mostly alone I feel like this is a trick question.


…dangerous things do you do while driving?

Check my iPhone directions. I’m too cheap to pay for the turn-by-turn app.

…would you never, ever, ever give up?

Red wine. Ever.

…is Satan’s last name?

Tesh. As in John Tesh. I believe that man is truly evil.

…is the last thing that moved you?

A crazy wave of nostalgia that took my breathe away and brought me to tears.

…is the freakiest thing in your house?

My mother. πŸ˜€


…is it time to turn over a new leaf?

When the old one is too dried up and shrivelly to hide behind.

…will you be all that you can be?

Probably never. I am, after all, human. ((Seriously, look at Tiger Woods. πŸ™ ))

…is enough enough?

When I find out I’ll let you know.

…do you go to the dark side?

That is between me and Chris.


…are your pants?

On the floor with my socks, bra and shirt.

…is your last will and testament?

Uh, if I had one, it would be in the fireproof safe? (Is that the correct answer?) πŸ˜•

…is your junk food stash?

I’m actually not much of a junk food eater, so I don’t have one. Now if you asked about my liquor stash, that would be another story. πŸ˜‰

…are you the happiest?

This is where I’m supposed to say something sweet like “Anywhere as long as I’m with my family,” or something equally schmaltzy. And this is true as long as anywhere is on a beach, with a fruity drink in my hand and a cabana boy.


…are there no seat belts on school buses?

The same reasons school programs are cut, teachers are laid off, and there’s no more art class. MONEY.

…are musicians sexy and plumbers aren’t?

Do I really need to answer that?

…did the chicken cross the road?

To prove to the possum it could actually be done!

…do we revere athletes more than teachers?

Here’s a better question…why do we revere athletes more than our family?

Would You

…swim the English channel for a doughnut and coffee? If not, what?

Hell no! I hate doughnuts. I might, however, for a Brewery Bar II chile relleno smothered in their green chili!

…forgive someone who deliberately hurt you?

Isn’t that the job description for wife and parent?

…rather believe a lie if it hurt you less than the truth?

Unfortunately I live with the most honest man on the planet and two kids. That’s not even an option.

…still need me, would you still feed me, when I’m 64? ((I know, I know, it’s will you still need me…))

That depends. Will you need to be fed with a spoon?


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