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I have to admit, I’m stealing using an idea I found on the blog of someone requesting a 10 things review. I found the idea of my week in tweets an intriguing one so I’ve gone back through my week of plurks, and picked some gems for you. 🙂


May 1 WebBetty shares WTF???

May 1 WebBetty shares Patrick broke ranks and chose drag over the bow tie.

May 1 WebBetty really hates IE6. Seriously–everyone who still uses it needs to upgrade!

May 4 WebBetty gets really frustrated when everyone assumes I can do all kinds of peripheral work just because I work from home.

May 5 WebBetty is NOT ready for the boys to get bunk beds this weekend!

May 5 WebBetty is having a battle of the wills with The Bear. ((Which I won, BTW. 😉 ))

May 6 WebBetty is at Wet ‘N Wild! ((Zachary and I got wet and wild!))

May 7 WebBetty just booked her anniversary trip to Vegas!!! ((Who’s coming with us?!))

May 8 WebBetty says the crib has been taken apart. No more bars for The Bear, Which strikes fear in my heart. 😀

May 8 WebBetty is plurking while the boys do all the heavy lifting.

May 8 WebBetty is amazed. 8 trips back and 75 minutes later, and The Bear is asleep in his bed. No more crib!

May 8 WebBetty says this is the current state of my living room

And now some random plurks from my pleeps:

2ManyBoyz needs a good wake-up slap!

AsianAly says Sammi and I are going to do a walking workout video and apparently it’s pretty hard. How hard is walking in place? 😛

Bronsont says Hell Yes, it’s Hell’s Kitchen. 😛

CarolineFB wonders why.

countess janey says what’s new, Pussycat?

MissCaughtUp Holy crap it is hard to read Old English.

You can catch all of this, and more, at Plurk.

This post was generously brought to you by colon cleanser. Don’t ask. 😉



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