Today, Wednesday’s words are all about Mother Earth. 🙂

The world is finite, resources are scarce,
Things are bad and will be worse,
Coal is burned and gas exploded,
Forests out and soil eroded,
Wells are dry and air polluted,
Dust is blowing, trees uprooted,
Oil is going, ores depleted,
Drains receive what is excreted,
Land is sinking, seas are rising,
Man is far too enterprising,
Fires will rage with man to fan it,
Soon we will have a plundered planet.
– K. E Boulding


Sweet Mother Earth, lovely daughter of Ra
wonderful cosmic creation you are
spinning through aeons evolving and shaping
dying from twenty short decades of raping
now you are burning, in sadness you smolder
heat slowly rising yet future looks colder
Soon all your children will hurt you no more
mankind raps loudly on grim reaper’s door
dragged to its future as convicts in chains
rivers and streams clogged like varicose veins.

Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth. ~Henry David Thoreau

Forests and fields turn to debris and dust
greed and abandonment violates trust
dig, rip and kill is the cry of the age
teardrops are falling on history’s page
written in blood from the animals lost
profits are rising, so discount the cost.

Rush through their lives as the air above burns
see daily damage, yet nobody learns
meek is the voice from humanity’s cry
too busy gathering trinkets to try.

Slowly your body turns barren and bare
the future is written – there isn’t one there.

– Graeme King

Happy Earth Day. Let’s try and take care of Mother Earth.

This post was generously brought to you by information on mesothelioma. Another man-made problem. 🙁


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