All the way to the store tonight (and back) I’ve been trying to dream up a new post. Sometimes inspiration comes in floods, and sometimes it doesn’t come at all. That’s how I was feeling tonight. I couldn’t think of anything even remotely interesting to put on paper, let alone on the perma-web.

Fast forward to that peaceful place when Jonah is in bed and daddy is in the office working. No TV, no distractions. Just me and the Goose. I was enjoying some quiet time with Zachary when a random thought occurred to me. “I wonder what Zachary knows/thinks about his mommy.” So while he was beating his Zune at checkers, I thought up 20 questions to pose to my beyond-his-years 5-year old. Here are the results:

Obviously I’m asking the questions (Q), and he’s responding (A). 😉

Q. What is mommy’s favorite color?
A. Red. Just like me.

Q. What is mommy’s favorite animal:?
A. The muskox. Ha ha! i’m just being sarcastic. ((Sarcastic is his new favorite word. Isn’t that cute? Did you notice the sarcasm?)) You really love polar bears.

Okay. The kid’s 2 for 2.

Q. What is mommy’s middle name?
A. Jean. Because of Great-Grandma Jean.

Honestly, I had no idea he knew what my middle name was.

Q. What’s daddy’s middle name?
A. I have no idea.

Q. What’s mommy’s favorite food.
A. My guess would be spaghetti since we have it so much.

Q. What’s mommy’s favorite team.
A. The Vikings, d’uh!

Q. What does mommy do?
A. You work on the computer all day.

Q. What does daddy do?
A. He sells snacks and sodas to people.

Q. What’s mommy’s favorite music?
A. U2. ((Okay, while U2 isn’t a music, it’s still a good answer.))

Q. What’s mommy’s favorite thing to do?
A. I’m guessing work on the computer since you do it so much.


Q. How old is mommy?
A. [insert scrunchy face, and steamy ears] You’re 37.
My response: how do you know that?!
His answer: because daddy’s 38 and you’re 1 year younger.

Damn, was I that smart at 5??

Q. Who does mommy like better, Iron Man or Spiderman?
A. Iron Man. I know you don’t like Spiderman. ((I know this fact breaks his heart, because he loves Spiderman.))

Trick Q. Who’s a better driver? Mommy or Daddy?
Correct A. You are, because you have a sports car and they’re harder to drive.

That’s my boy! 😉

Q. How does mommy usually feel?
A. Kind of mad. Well, kind of mad when Jonah is running around. When he’s in his chair you’re usually happy.

Hmm, note to self: keep Jonah strapped in chair all day.

Q. Who do you think mommy would rather be: Princess Leia, or Darth Vader?
A. I know you like Darth Vader cuz he’s cool, but I think you’d want to be Princess Leia cuz she’s good and Darth Vader’s bad. You’re good.

I love that my kid still thinks I’m good. Give it a few years, he’ll think I’m Vader.

Q. What color eyes does mommy have?
A. Blue.
Follow-up: What color eyes do you have?
A. Blue.
Follow-follow-up: What color eyes does daddy have?
A. Blue
Follow-follow-follow-up: What color eyes does Jonah have?
A. Mom, this is stupid. his eyes are blue too.

Q. Did my kid just call me stupid?

Q. What do you like best about mommy?
A. You love me.

Q. What do you like least about mommy?
A. You work on the computer all the time.

Q. How would you describe mommy?
A. You’re the awesomest mommy I’ve had in my life.

As opposed to the mommy he sent back. Okay, seriously, you just can’t buy better positive affirmation than that!

And finally,

Q. Who’s the boss in our house?
A. Mommy. Oh, and daddy. I’d better say daddy too.

That’s right–he knows what’s what!

And there you have it. 20 things my kid thinks and/or knows about me. Now That’s a meme!


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13 Comments on “Want an honest answer? Ask a 5-year old.”

  1. What a great conversation with your son! Such a special moment to cherish!! Just wonderful!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • He’s too funny. I’ve tried to write down a lot of the witty things he’s said over the years. I can’t think of many people I’d rather talk to than him. 🙂

  2. When I read things like this I get all mushy inside – not just for you and how special your relationship is with your child, but because of how much I miss those moments with my kids now that they’re older.

    You’re a good mom, you know.

    • During the crazy hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s hard not to get caught up in everything and forget to just talk to your kids.

      During our little talk Zachary mentioned how he was sad that in the afternoons I’m always in the office and he gets lonely in the living room by himself. I’m working to change that. It never dawned on me that he’d prefer being in the office with me than watching TV by himself. 🙁

  3. That was AWESOME!
    I got a little teary even I could picture the whole thing and his little face..not only smart but sarcastic…HILARIOUS…

    my fav comments
    the muskox..where did he get that!
    the spag sauce comment..we have it usually twice a week…we LOVE sketty
    the car comment and the blue eyes…mom this is stupid ( : HA!

    And best of all…you are the awsemest MOMMY I ever had in my life..precious they are like our little sponges…kiss him for me!

    You are a pretty awesome friend too…xoxoxoxoxox

    nicole C

    • The muskox is a running gag between me and Zachary. He was studying the arctic last month so we would end up talking about all the different animals. During one conversation he was pointing to animals and telling me what they were and one of them was a muskox. For some reason I find that word especially funny–it always makes me giggle (especially when Zachary says it). So now he teases me with my “favorite” animal: the muskox.

      Thank you for the kind compliment. I know some pretty awesome moms, too, hint hint. 😉

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