Literally. I have the Dyson DC25 Upright Ball and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this thing. I know, you’re thinking it’s lame to be blogging about a stupid vacuum, but I’ve had this post as a draft for months. Every time I vacuum, I remind myself that I need to finish it. ((This should tell you how often I vacuum, and explain my need for a really good one. 😆 )) I think the world should know how great this vacuum is.

Hate to vacuum? You wouldn’t if you had this baby. The ball was a brilliant idea and I can’t believe it took this long for someone to think of it. Like my favorite prostitute said about the Lotus Esprit, “This baby corners like it’s on rails!” ((Let’s see who comments with the movie reference.))

And suck? The ball does! My Dyson picks up dirt from the lady who lived here before, and we’ve been here over three years. With 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 husband, 1 cat, lots of dirt, sand and dust, I don’t know how I survived before I got this thing. It also goes easily from carpet to bare floor at the touch of a button at the top of the vacuum and not the bottom.

If you can, do yourself (and your floors) a favor and invest in one. It’s the last vacuum you’ll ever own. This site has the DC24 for $399 and free shipping–not a bad deal.


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8 Comments on “My vacuum sucks”

  1. I love my Dyson..granted it’s not the ball model but I love it….it really SUCKS!

    Pretty of my favs

    • Hey girl! Glad to see you comment here. 🙂

      The Ball is my second Dyson. I used to have a non-ball Dyson but traded it in when I found an awesome deal at a vacuum shop. Pretty much any Dyson sucks, and sucks the best! 😆

  2. Oh! I have a Dyson Animal that is not only in my favorite colour (Purple!!), but sucks like nothing else I’ve ever had!

    A word to the wise, though — follow the maintenance instructions and do clean that filter every 6 weeks. That ensures it continues to suck effortlessly for years!

    I recently had a pillow that had all this floaty fill stuff in it — they weren’t feathers, but some kind of poly fill like I’ve never seen before and the crap just wafted on the breeze. I used the Dyson to remove it and it did a great job until that filter got clogged with that stuff! Removing it restored my beloved to it’s former high suck glory, though!

    All hail the Dyson — King AND Queen of vacuums!

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