Usually, I’m asked to do reviews at 10 things I hate about your site. However, when asked to do a review at Web-Betty, who am I to say no? Of course after this review my phone may not ring anymore, but here goes.

First off Gucci watches, or Kenmar Watches, can you say BUSY? This site is pretty busy. There are way too many things going on. Gucci, in my opinion, means classy. This site screams tacky. If I was doing a normal 10 things review, I don’t know if I could stop at 10 things. Seriously.

Okay, the site may need some serious help, but I will say that if you can get past the aesthetics, Kenmar Watches does provide a pretty amazing variety. They have brands I’ve never even heard of–and I love watches. Navigating through the site is pretty basic, and I’m always a fan of the rollover image enlargement instead of having to click to open a new window. Call me lazy. 🙂

I think Kenmar has every watch ever made. I love Puma. I didn’t, however, know they made watches. Well they do, and I want this one:

Anyone want to buy it for me? It’s only $67.50 on sale. 😉


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