One thing Orlando is not short on, is things to do. We are pretty fortunate to be able to visit so many great places. Last weekend we took Zachary to Universal’s Islands of Adventure for the first time. Just like Chris and I, the kid loves a roller coaster. Unfortunately, he was too short to ride the two best coasters, The Hulk ((My all-time favorite roller coaster))  and Dueling Dragons, but he still had a great day.

The first ride we took him on was the 3-D Spiderman ride. He loves Spiderman, and thought the ride was pretty cool. Then we had to buy those ugly plastic parkas so we could ride the Dudley Do-Right water ride. Good thing or we would have gotten soaked! Then it was off to Jurassic Park.

First, however, we had to stop at the rock climbing wall so Zachary could give it a try. He’s never done it before and he did pretty well for his first time. It was slow, so one of the workers climbed up with him a second time and helped it out. He was pretty excited when he rang the bell at the top.

It was a pretty great day!

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