Sometimes I wonder what some f’ing parents are thinking. Like the stupid f’ing parents who brought their kids to the movie “Taken” with Liam Neeson. Seriously, this asshole had his 3-year old son and his 9-year old daughter sitting next to him watching this NOT family-friendly film. (The ages are, of course, approximate, but close enough–you get the idea.)

Check out the trailer–would you take your kids to see this film? It’s rated PG-13, however, I would say it should actually be rated PG in the very least. It certainly isn’t “Finding Nemo,” which is what a 3-year old should be watching. I don’t know why I get so irrationally worked up over this, but I do. some parents are f’ing stupid!

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10 Comments on “Stupid parents”

  1. This type of movie scares me, I would hate to think of the effect it would have on those children. This is why I prefer to keep my little one entertained with good age related story books and an occasional DVD. This also has its downside though, I think I have seen Shark Tales about 4 million times.

  2. Even I am too afraid to see ‘Taken’ let alone take my kids to see it. One, what a waste of the price of movie tickets, my kids of the same age would gain more pleasure from a movie they’d enjoy, or better yet, get rent DVDs then you get several, a good one each for the family to enjoy and one or two for Mom and Dad once the kids are in bed, for less than the cost of their movie tickets.

    Perhaps the parents were hoping to instill fear of abduction in their children, “Be good or we’ll call that guy from ‘Taken’ to come and take you away.”

  3. You have to take a test, and follow certain standards to drive a car. Why not to be a parent!!


    PS…and stupid is to kind a word!

  4. Ok so… I’m going to sound stupid here but I always try and step into the shoes of someone doing something questionable to try and understand them. This way I feel it would be easier for me to figure out how to explain to them that what their doing is… not right.

    The only thing I could come up for this one is that in their twisted mind, they’re hoping this movie will teach them the kind of lesson that they (as the childrens’ parents) should be teaching them – basically scare them so that they never leave home and therefore never get kidnapped. I know it sounds stupid, but to some people that makes perfect sense.

    Not that I think that excuses what they did… just trying to understand them is all.

  5. You’re being very generous Reggy. Must be your moniker Fragileheart!

    I think the parents were too selfish to stay home because they couldn’t get a babysitter. Instead of using the movie $$ on a sitter, they took the kids to the movie. It really was upsetting. 🙁

  6. My daughter attended a birthday party when she was 8 where the birthday girl’s mother thought it suitable to play Arachnophobia. In combination with living in Aus, where it is not unusual to have huge, hairy 8 legged visitors sitting on our walls and a daughter who already had a fear of spiders, this was not the brightest of ideas! She was not the only party goer to suffer fear and nightmares after this.

    • Oh dear, that is just NOT right. I’m pretty strict about what I let the boys watch, although dad does override me sometimes, like when Zachary was dying to watch “Transformers”. 🙂

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