Jonah has been home sick the past three days. Basing my instincts on the last few times he had a fever and a cold, I did not take him in to the doctor’s office. The last two times I did I was sent home with some Tylenol and a receipt for my $25 co-pay. This time I decided to be non-nervous mom—which backfired on me. Nana took him to see Ivonne (his aunt) yesterday afternoon and of course he has an ear infection.

How to explain the joys of trying to work while chasing down an almost 2-year old who is covered in snot, feverish, and not a happy camper. The biggest problem is that when the drugs kick in, he want to play. I need him to sleep. Good times are had by all.

I have, in the wake of all this, discovered a few things about my home the last three days.

  1. The only legos that won’t find their way back into the basket are the ones that blend in to the carpet. Stepping on those is always a nice surprise.
  2. Clean laundry, when tossed on the floor, looks just like dirty laundry.
  3. It’s not wise to use a gliding ottoman as tv furniture. Key word: g-l-i-d-e.
  4. You can only drop a remote on the floor so many times until it refuses to be held together by sheer will alone.
  5. No matter what room you are in, your cell phone, cup of coffee, and the broken remote will be in a different room.

The good news is the tree has remained relatively unscathed. Jonah does try to manhandle the “apples” (aka red glass balls), but he’s pretty much kept his mitts to himself. I really hope he sleeps through the night tonight. I’m functioning on three hours of sleep right now. In case there’s any confusion, this is not enough!


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3 Comments on “Sick days”

  1. And then they start dating. And then they start driving. And then they have kids. Are you under the (mistaken) impression that you’re going to get any more sleep in the next 25 years? Or EVER??

    Love (tee-hee)

    Mom(a.k.a “Been-there-still-doing-that”)

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