Kids say the funniest things. Want to know what tree mates, content lobsters, and tentacles have in common? Read on!

During our window shopping on Black Friday, the boys were so good. We spent about 2 hours at IKEA. At the end of the “experience,” while looking at a picture of a tree alone in a field of snow, Chris asked Zachary what he thought of the picture. Zachary’s reply was “It makes me sad. He’s all alone. He doesn’t have any tree mates!” What an empathetic little guy. Then in the car, we asked him how Jonah was doing (they had just been given some juice and crackers). Zachary’s response was “He’s as content as a lobster.” Of course that was funny and I had to know why he used a lobster for his analogy. I was told “Lobsters can be content, mommy.” I guess he told me.

Cut to this morning. We’re snuggling in bed, trying to sneak in a few more zzz’s. The cat, however, wanted to be fed. As a result he was walking back and forth between us. Zachary muttered “The cat almost stepped on my tentacles!” Of course I thought this was pretty funny and I had to explain to Zachary that the words was actually testicles. He giggled and with a heavy, 5-year old sigh said, “I should’ve just said balls.


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7 Comments on “Out of the mouths of babes”

  1. WHAT a comedian! I swear, half the time he Knows he has it wrong and just says it for effect!

    Atta boy, Zack-man!

    Love ya! Gramma!!

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