I came across this video at Connect With Your Teens…, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect since the VP debate was just last night. So, to follow up on Sarah Palin Hates Polar Bears, I present to you the following straight-to-DVD Disney film:

Good stuff, Eh?


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3 Comments on “Sarah Palin Disney Trailer”

  1. OMG, where do you find this stuff?! Excellent! I swear, if I had heard one more “ye” come out of her mouth Wednesday night, I would have sworn off cornbread and comfort food forever! “Down-home” language has NO place in world politics! Even if you’re NOT right in what you say, at least say it with polish! Stop trying to sound like a cross between Davey Crockett (for Zack!), and June Cleaver! NO wait, even June Cleaver used better diction!

    She won’t be trying to break up a tussle between 12-yr-old boys if she gets into office, and sending them to different rooms to sit on their beds and “think about” their behavior just won’t work with No. Korea or Russia!! and that is exactly the way she comes across…like this is JUST like being a Mom/wife! WRONG!!

    All I could think of while she was spitting out facts like a slap shot was, “Geez, she must have done some serious reading this week!” Wonder if the boys helped her with her homework!


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