Well, I’ve been quite the slacker, haven’t I? No posts since March? What in the world have the Johnsons been up to? Only the usual, but it’s kept us pretty busy. Chris is always busy with the route during the school year, eCollege has kept me in front of my computer, Zachary’s been attending preschool and playing t-ball, and Jonah, well, he’s Jonah! He’s growing as fast as his brother did, he’s getting into everything, and he really hates being told “No!” (Which he hears a lot…)

Grandma takes Zachary for a ride on the tractorIn April Zachary spent the night, for the first time, at grandma’s house. They had a picnic by the lake, went swimming, and just hung out. Grandma gave him a fishing pole for his birthday so now everyday I hear “Are we going fishing at grandma’s today?” He also got to “drive” one of the tractors at her work.

In May we spent Mother’s day at the beach. It was such a nice day, and Jonah discovered that he loves sand. Of course, I spent the next week trying to clean it out of every crevice of his body.

It's KB!I also got to go back to Denver for a week for work. It’s always so great to “go home.” I love working in the office for a week–I actually have to put on some clothes and makeup! The weather was beautiful and I was able to catch up with all my good friends. I even made it to a Rockies game!

And that’s about it. We’re just living and growing, here in central FLA! There are several more slideshows up on the Eye Candy page. Check ’em out if you have time, to see how big the boys are. They both love playing in the dirt and splashing in the water. We’ve been spending lots of time in pools lately. I think Jonah will be as much of a fish as Zachary!

I hope everyone is doing well and loving life!


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  1. Hi! The U2 song and the stories about your family really made my day. It seems like you’re really living life! How’s the 9-3?

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