As if I’m not busy enough, now I’m obsessed with updating and overhauling the blog. It’s a quarter to midnight and here I sit in my office, fiddling with someone else’s CSS. I just haven’t been happy with the look since the very first version (remember the blue and purple flowers?). Leave it to me to tackle a completely unknown programming language (WordPress is powered by PHP).

I must say that I do fairly well for hacking my way around. I’m actually pretty happy with how this one is turning out. I LOVE the Japanese foliage I’m using for the background. Many thanks to Jason Gaylor, the creator of Design Fruit for such a wonderful brush set. I don’t know if I’m doing him justice, but I’m working on it! Be sure to sound off with your comments–love it or hate it, let me know.

There are still glitches to work out. Eye Candy, while much better than the last go ’round, still breaks the bottom section. No biggie as long as you know to use the links at the top! Not all of the old title rollovers are working, but that may never change (too many posts using other templates), and a few other minor details. Oh well, they’re not going to get worked out tonight. 😉


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