Jonah is now, officially sleeping in his crib.

He’s been putting himself to sleep at naptime and bedtime for weeks now, but until today has been sleeping in his Amby hammock or his playpen. Chris put the crib together last night and Jonah is peacefully sleeping in it right now. Of course, he had to roll over a couple of times, chat with Uniqua the turtle, and try to look out the window–but that’s just all in a day’s work when you’re 4-months old.

Maybe it’s the new tooth. That’s right :-)  Jonah’s first tooth just poked through. You can barely feel it but it’s there. This little pokey thing through the bottom gums. Nana was the first one to feel it, which makes me feel foolish since I’m with him everyday. He’s just so darn good. No crying, no fussing, no fever. How can I worry about teething if you don’t give me any symptoms? Ok, I’m not  complaining. I’ll take the fabulous new-toothed-non-fussing infant over the alternative any day.

Right now he’s sleeping blissfully in his crib. Which is probably why I’m still awake.


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