I hate sinuses and the new Pepsi logo, among other things: Random Tuesday Thoughts


I’m a little late to the party, but dammit, it’s still Tuesday here and I’ve been busy with shit that actually pays me.

This is my first venture into the Un-Mom’s Random Tuesday post, but I figured I have so much random stuff to say, this meme has my name all over it. Add a few glasses of Red, and I’m ready to go. πŸ™‚

Welcome to “Random Tuesday Thoughts”! (Note: for my sensitive readers, some foul language may follow, as I’m feeling a little irritable right now. Read on at your own discrection πŸ˜› )

Let the ranting begin!

I’m really ready for this fucking sinus infection to GO AWAY!. It’s been almost three weeks and I’m still more plugged up than a bathtub drain full of skanky hair. I’m wondering if the drugs aren’t working this time. Antibiotics for the virus, steroids for the asthma, inhaler for the asthma, and a lot of kleenex. Maybe I need to see a ENT specialist?

Can someone tell me what is up with the new Pepsi logo? I think it sucks. Honestly, Jonah and Zachary have created better work. Ugh!

Speaking of Zachary, the Goose quote of the week is “I have room in my heart for 162 people.” Wow, he’s a lot more generous than I am.

And now on to lawn guys. I have two things to say:

  1. To the lawn guys who stole my husband’s power tools out of our garage, Karma is a bitch. I hope that when you use the drill, you drill into something electrical and your house explodes (with no one in it, of course). And I hope that when you use the sawzall, you come perilously close to losing an extremity. You don’t have to actually lose something, but I hope you come REALLY close.
  2. Leaf blowers have to be the biggest waste of energy–both people and gas. Not a day goes by that I don’t seem some idiot wandering around the neighborhood with one of those stupid things strapped to their back. Walking back and forth, swinging his blower. I want to run them down with my car.

And one last note. While I find the line “Sent from my iPhone” incredibly pretentious, I can’t seem to be compelled to change and/or remove it when I email from my beloved phone.

Now it’s your turn. Give me some of your randomness!