It’s all happening way too fast!

Life on the parent train just seems to be speeding up lately. Jonah’s had 2 big milestones in 2 weeks. Daycare and his first official haircut.

Hmm, some good reading material here On Tuesday, July 1st, we sent Jonah out into the world—he started Daydreams (where Zachary has been since we moved here). There was a little fussing, however, since he’s been going with me to drop Zachary off every day, it wasn’t too bad. The nice thing is the fussing didn’t really start until after I was gone. His teacher, Miss Amber, said he cried when he realized I was gone and wasn’t coming right back in the door, but it only lasted a few minutes. On Thursday (he’s only going Tues. and Thurs. right now) he fussed when Chris left, but again only for a few minutes. All in all, I think he’s really enjoying being out of the house and having things to do. He even made brought home his first school project of finger paint and glitter
Chris and Jonah, before the haircut You can’t send a kid out into the world with a mullet. This isn’t 1982. 🙂 We may live in the south, but Jonah doesn’t need to look like a redneck baby. No offense to rednecks—I’m sure they don’t want a yank baby trying to carry off their fashion trademark. So, the family trotted off to the local Great Clips where we all had our hair cut.

At first, Jonah wanted nothing to do with it, but Corinne is a pro and in no time she had him perched on the ledge with a sharpie in one hand and a squirt bottle in the other. In between mirror painting and squirting himself in the face (to peals of laughter), Corinne worked her magic and transformed redneck baby into yank baby. And what a handsome guy he is! It really is amazing the difference. He went from baby to honest-to-goodness little boy in the span of 30 minutes. I can’t say that I’m sad. I think he looks more beautiful than ever!

Jonah's after photo
What a handsome little guy!