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Web-Betty, circa 1995. God, what awful hair!

Web-Betty, circa 1995. God, what awful hair!

While you may find this hard to believe, I was not always the awesome, wonderful person you know today. Oh, sure, “back in the day” I was fairly awesome and I was pretty wonderful at times; however I was also young, insecure, totally into myself and not always the most thoughtful person. I think this describes the majority of 20-somethings, though some handle those tough finding-myself-at-your-expense years better than others. Alas, I was not one of them. In my quest to discover who I was and who I wanted to be I failed many people and burned many bridges. I hurt people who cared about me. I was dishonest at times, just to get what I wanted. I was selfish. I was young.

I look back with regret on the friendships I have lost; some of them were substantial and one was the most substantial of all. I’ve tried to move forward as a better person, and to some extent I’ve succeeded. I’m not perfect and I have many lessons to learn before I’m done. but losing some of the most important people in my life made me realize that living selfish and in-the-moment is not as fulfilling as living selfless and for the present (and the future).

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