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Does not enjoy ecclesiastical immunity, meaning, this church will not shelter those being persecuted (no matter the reason)
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I found this wonderful essay today, on a blog I like to visit: Oh My Saab (she’s a a fellow Saab owner, and usually has something interesting to say).

The essay “Everything Potent Is Dangerous” was written by Wallace Stegner, for the 1950s radio series “This I Believe”. 57 years later and not much has changed:

Everything Potent Is Dangerous

Wallace Stegner

It is terribly difficult to say honestly, without posing or faking, what one truly and fundamentally believes. Reticence or an itch to make public confession may distort or dramatize what is really there to be said, and public expressions of belief are so closely associated with inspirational activity, and in fact so often stem from someone’s desire to buck up the downhearted and raise the general morale, that belief becomes an evangelical matter.

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