9 years ago

Where did March go?

Whoever said March comes in like a lion, but goes out like a lamb was NOT referring to the Johnson household. March crept up on us like Tom stalking Jerry, and ended up like Tom chasing Jerry. It was busy.

10 years ago

A Flurry of Activity

Who can play mommy, Santa, wife, Web Goddess, and Domestic Diva all at once? I don't know, but if you find her, send her to my house. The 2009 holiday season was a busy one. It was good, but busy! Read on...

10 years ago

Trauma, thy name is fat lip

Nothing scares a parent like a child who gets hurt. Chris and I had our first official trauma last Thursday. It involved a clay pot and an almost-three-year-old who doesn't like to watch where he's going. Lather, rinse, let's NOT repeat.

10 years ago

Obsession starts early

Tenacious or obsessive? What do you call it when a 2-year old's first words in the morning are "Star Wars!", and his last words before going to bed are "Star Wars?"