10 years ago

Too good NOT to share

If you want it, you got it!

10 years ago

“Are we so lost we have to be sold our own democratic right?”

The election. You just can't get away from it these days. ;) I'm not one to usually go on about politics--political discussions tend to end up in some form of debate and I'm not usually well-versed enough to argue my position. That's not to say that I don't have strong opinions regarding the issues and the candidates. I think "Sarah Palin hates polar bears" cleared up any confusion one might have regarding where I stand. Another view I hold strongly was best represented by Craig Ferguson in his Sept. 10 monologue on "The Late, Late Show."

11 years ago

This I Believe

"In all honesty, what I believe is neither inspirational nor evangelical. Passionate faith I am suspicious of because it hangs witches and burns heretics, and generally I am more in sympathy with the witches and heretics than with the sectarians who hang and burn them."
-Wallace Stegner
No matter your faity, this is an amazing essay from Wallace Stegner.