9 years ago

The fey little man

Prose about faeries. I bet my mom loved it!

I found the second (and last) poem that I wrote using previous Dictionary.com words of the day. Be kind!

Image from Cicely Mary Barker
“A Flower Fairy Alphabet”

The fey little man,
how jolly is he,
the future he sees is bright.

He spies babes in the woods,
and leaves on the trees,
and faeries who come by night.

Mellifluous his days they are,
just like honey they flow,
making Zeus in the heavens proud.

The fey little man,
he goes on his way,
his heart, it’s as light as a cloud.

This lovely little ditty was brought to you by immigration attorney. Since the fey little man isn’t from around here, he might need one. 😉


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6 Thoughts on “The fey little man”

  1. Well, that’s a cute little poem. Don’t know that I would have used “mellifluous” in quite that context, but it works!

    Thanks for digging that up for us!